Passion or Skills? Which comes first?

In my very first post, I wrote about how I made the switch from Corporate America to Assistant Coach and haven’t looked back. I wrote about the transformation I made from being unhappy every day to finally enjoying my job. One of the sources of inspiration that led me to my career change is a book entitled “Wishcraft.” You can read it online for free at If you really allow yourself to follow the steps, it will work! One of the quotes I pulled from the book is:


 Skills are not only unimportant – they can get in the way!


I was a math major in college, and at the time, this meant that I “should” find a job at which I could use my analytical skills. So I did. I went to work for a consulting firm in Manhattan in employee health benefits. I spent a lot of time in Excel, crunching numbers and projecting future healthcare costs for my clients. I left after 1 year and 10 months. Yes, I was “skilled” at what I was doing, but I was not happy, to say the least. I then repeated that process…oh, for another 4 years or so. Following my skills, not so much my interests…

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