In the coming months we will be collecting relevant research to women coaches and eventually categorizing it under relevant topic areas. For now, we are simply posting the start of this collection in no particular order. If you would like to contribute a link to a relevant article, please include the article’s title, the URL for the paper, and the author and publication year and email this to Your assistance is greatly appreciated as we develop this resource.

Please click on any of the titles below to go to the full article.

Bargaining with patriarchy : former women coaches' experiences and their decision to leave collegiate coaching
Author: Kamphoff, C.S. (2006)

The UK Coaching System is Failing Women Coaches
Author: Norman, L. (2008)

Strategies for Retaining Female High School Head Coaches: A Survey of Administrators and Coaches
Author: Pastore, D. (1994)

To Coach or Not?
Author: Demers, G. (2007)

Gender Equity in College Athletics: Women Coaches as a Case Study
Authors: Rhode, D.L. & Walker, C.J. (2008)

Mentoring Connections between Coaches and Female Athletes
Author: Lough, N.L. (2001)

Shifting the Culture: Implications for Female Coaches
Authors: Kerr, G. & Marshall, D. (2007)

What We Know About the Experiences of Women Beginner Coaches
Author: Demers, G. & Audet, M.H. (2007)

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