How to use Social Media to Your Team’s Advantage

Today almost everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. People use social media to find out news, weather, and pop culture updates. It is no surprise that potential athletes, competitors, and fans are now using social media to find out about your team.

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In my years coaching cheerleading I have found that using social media has been a great way for our team to support the school’s teams, additionally I have found that is a great way to promote my own team as well. I regularly use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to showcase our skills, which gains followers and in turn emails to me about our spirit program. Here are several ways I use social media to promote Tech’s Spirit Program, as well as our school’s other teams.


1. Photo Challenge Every Day – Each day I send a hashtag challenge to my athletes and ask them to send me a photo demonstrating it. This has become a fun tradition for our team, it encourages my athletes to take pride in our school, and it also is a great way to encourage other Tech fans to use our hashtag.

Examples: #TechPrideTuesday, #ThrowbackThursdayTechCheerEdition, #TechFootballFriday, #SoarWithUsSaturday


2.  Support Your Fellow Teams- Twitter is a great way to show support to your fellow athletic teams. I regularly send tweets to other Tech teams wishing them luck in their games. It is a great way to build a sense of community and to also get supporters back for your own team.


  1. Recruiting – Potential athletes use social media to scope out your team. It’s a great way to advertise your program, and attract the type of athletes you want, plus it’s free! Posting information on my teams on social media has helped me to double the try out pool, and also allows me to post up to the minute updates on our team.




These are just a few of the ways that I utilize social media for college essay for sale the betterment of my team. Additionally, having a team social media account gives you the option to monitor your athlete’s online activity. This is really helpful in making sure that your athletes are serving as positive ambassadors to your program/school.


I recommend making at least one post per day to gain a following. I also recommend having a consistent voice on social media. I personally post everything for my teams. If that is something that you are not interested in doing, you can appoint a social media captain on your team. Have this athlete be in charge of posting for your team, make sure to set ground rules with them first, and you should still monitor their posts on a daily basis.


Be sure to follow our Twitter @TTU_SpiritSquad, and Instagram pages Tennessee Tech Cheer, and TTU Dance Team, and Like our Facebook pages Tennessee Tech Cheerleading, Tennessee Tech Dance Team for updates on our season and examples on how I use social media for the TTU Spirit Program.