Score It- One of the Best Weeks of My Life! 2012 NCAA Women Coaches Academy



It’s a Friday night and I am now exhausted, but in a good way. For the past week, I have had my mind opened, bent, blown, and then pieced back together, thanks to the NCAA Women Coaches Academy, Atlanta 2012. 44 coaches from different regions, sports, divisions, and backgrounds all came together as individuals and by graduation, left feeling like a team. After a week of networking, communication, legal issues, history of title IX, work/life balance, team and staff management sessions and creating friendships and connections, I leave tired, but hungry for the future. It’s that same feeling after a hard workout where you just busted your butt but you know it will pay off in your future.




If you’re a NCAA female coach and strive to master the skills of coaching outside of your sport’s X’s and O’s, you are CRAZY to not attend the NCAA Women Coaches Academy!


Check out the quick video of interviews taken from the 2012 Atlanta NCAA Women Coaches Academy:




You have probably read about the NCAA Women Coaches Academy, Alliance of Women Coaches, and other programs put on to benefit and grow the female coach but never knew how to get connected.


I’ll help you out with that. One click, below, and you have the opportunity to be exposed to a wealth of life changing (both professional and personal) information.



Happy Reading!

Nicole Moore Stetson University Head Lacrosse Coach


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