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Women in Coaching

Webinar: 2014-15 Report Card: Update on Women in Collegiate Coaching

awc_logoNicole LaVoi, Ph.D., Associate Director, Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport and Alliance of Women Coaches board member presents an update on Women in Collegiate Coaching via her 2014-15 Report Card.


View the archived webinar by clicking here.


Webinar presented by The Alliance of Women Coaches and Drexel University.CHSMLogo




Becky Hammon Wins NBA Summer League Title with the San Antonio Spurs!!!

Media Credit:

Media Credit:


After winning the NBA summer league title last week, Becky Hammon is the topic of many news stories and rightly so!  Check out this article and from ESPN:


Monday’s Video Share #1: SportsCoach UK Video Spotlight on Women Coaches

sportscoachukThis is the first of a series of videos we will share on Monday mornings.  Please forward this post to your coaching staff and encourage them and your athletes to follow us on Facebook for more great content.


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UK Sport Coach Tip Sheet: Skills & Qualities of a Coach


People ask me all the time – what does it take to be a good coach?  For every time I am asked the question, I probably provide a different answer!  Here is a great tip sheet from Sports Coach UK on the skills and qualities of a coach.

They focus on:

1. Communication

2. Planning & Organizing

3. Analysis & Evaluation

4. Keeping an Open Mind

5. Creating a Safe Environment

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Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic

I recently completed a creativity course that compelled the class to discuss how they individually were motivated. Some of the class members found that they were extrinsically motivated. The individuals found that money, status, or children motivated them. In addition, a majority found they had intrinsic motivation fueled by their own will. I found that this was comparable to student-athletes today. What motivates them and does this cause the team to be less or more successful? Can this be more common on a team that is a public or private institution? If this is the case, this can directly relate to the happiness of the coach or the expectations that they have.
Looking at past dynamics of teams that I have coached, which has only been private, there has been a high presence of individuals that needed to be extrinsically motivated. This is an assumption that this could be due the price of the institutions that the student-athletes attend. It could also be what type of student that was recruited. I also contemplate whether this is due to being fully funded or not concerning scholarship counts. This could affect the level of competition that is present on the team.
Public institutions have the ability to find student-athletes that are more likely to be intrinsically motivated. The cost of the institutions is usually less than that of a private institution. Are the students looking at the school due to the academic portion or more for the athletic program? If a student-athlete always has competition at practice, the student-athlete must be intrinsically motivated to further their development or surpassed by other student-athletes.
The discussion is not about private vs. public institutions for coaching; but rather what type of motivation makes a team and whether this would be more prevalent at a public or private institution. If this is true, how can coaches create a culture that promotes intrinsic motivation for student-athletes to be the best student-athlete that they can be.

First Coaching Endowment Gift in Notre Dame’s History….And It Goes To…..Women’s Basketball!

NDKaren and Kevin Keyes, both former athletes at the University of Notre Dame have become the first ever donors in Notre Dame’s history to endow a coaching position – and they have done this for Women’s Basketball. Karen was a player for current coach and hall of famer, Muffet McGraw (pictured left) in the 90s.


Check out the New York Times Article: 


The Notre Dame press release suggests this may be the largest endowment of its kind in NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball history.


Thank you to Kevin and Karen Keyes for your support of women’s athletics and the coaches who make it happen!


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Women’s Sports Foundation – Share Your Story




The Women’s Sports Foundation is looking to hear from you!  They would like stories about the following:

  • The product of an impactful or meaningful female coach?
  • A coach who was treated unfairly in your college or university athletic department?
  • A coach who was wrongfully terminated by your college or university athletic department?
  • A female coach who wants to speak out about the importance of females coaching females?




Go to the above link to find out how to share your story.


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